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Value For Money and Cost Transparency.

This is my reaction to the second NAO report on rural broadband revealing BT did inflate its cost models by 38%.  Click here.

I wrote this blog (May 2014) summarising the value for money issue as I see it.  There is a 35 page presentation available on the matter. Email me if you would like to know more.

Sept 2013 - Interview notes for the BBC Today interview supporting the Public Accounts Committee on Rural Broadband.  Go to download page and blog

March 2013 - The Bit Commons updates the UK FTTC cost estimator spreadsheet.  Available from the download page

FTTP Activity

Perseverance Works in Shoreditch have finally got the Connectivity they need.  Details here.

Responses to Ofcoms consultations on passive access and on the needs of SME's are available on request.

In March 2013 a paper was submitted as submitted to BDUK in response to their consultation on the Urban Broadband Fund.  This was copied to UK Cities.  It is available from the download page

This draft presentation on a pro-competitive FTTP plan for UK urban areas. Download from here.  This approach has been drafted and proposes the Urban Broadband Fund is used by cities to trigger a more systematic approach to encouraging an FTTP roll-out.   This has been developed further in the response to Ofcom market review on WLA and WBA.