The Bit Commons

It is proving particularly difficult for Governments regulators and indeed incumbent operators to cope with both the expectation of better connectivity and any attempts to meet those expectations,  where the average revenues are not just low, but any new service works to substitute a more profitable legacy service.


While optical fibre is just a medium to transfer bits,  its rollout has become associated with the means to discover ones potential by providing access to all the services available on the internet.  It also become linked with a nations growth agenda and sense of economic leadership.


These immense structural changes to a nations information economy are being negotiated in areas where the economics of the rollout are toughest,  but where the public debate, knowledge and cries for transparency of process are loudest.


The Bit Commons is here to assist industry players through this transformation.

The Bit Commons as a notion is an idealised view of the provision and maintenance of universal and ubiquitous connectivity using Internet technologies and protocols.


The Bit Commons Limited is a company formed to assist  Governments,  national and local, regulators, network access providers and communities to plan investments into next generation access networks and supporting platforms.


Access to the Internet is now being discussed as a possible human right.  This is remarkable given,  best effort networking protocols began to proliferate in the mid 1980's, computing devices became ever more affordable and the web of hypertext documents and browsers to view them were established from 1990. The spirit of co-operation to enable the Internet and its potential to emerge remains  inspiring and highly disruptive to existing businesses and processes.