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UK Rural Broadband programme, the importance of Rutland!
3:50pm - 13/07/2015

A report this morning shows BDUK reporting ‘savings’ of £1.07m in  a state aid project of £2.3m.

The importance of this report to the other 43 UK rural Broadband

UK Fibre access role out , representations made and relied upon and the emerging truths!
1:01pm - 08/07/2015

Chronology of events 2008-July 2015

Some rural communities may wonder why they are not yet on a list for receiving a fibre based service.  The following is a public record of representations made between 2008 and 2015 and subsequent truths found by a number institutional audit functions.  The progress to date needs to be saluted,

Will the new state aid measure deliver the transparency needed on UK’s Rural Broadband contracts?
5:55pm - 30/06/2015

On the eve of what ought to be the renewal of the state aid measure (SA33671) by the EU Competition Commission it worth highlighting once more why we need more transparency.  The last three blogs have provided a number of justifications for such a move.  This simple piece of evidence reinforces the need for the state aid measure to be strengthened and enforced.

In this online d

Will the UK’s Rural Broadband programme get an amended state aid measure?
2:47pm - 28/06/2015

Can the renewal of the state aid measure enabling the UK’s Rural Broadband Programme increase the level of transparency of who is paying what?

On the 30th of June 2015 the state aid measure governing the subsidies paid for the UK’s Rural Broadband programme is to be renewed by the EU competition commission.  The measure governs the gap funding payments to BT of some £1.7bn in state aid in exchange one hopes for a c

First post election Broadband debate - Westminster Hall, Wednesday 24th,
12:33pm - 26/06/2015
This was third debate on Rural Broadband in 2015.  It was perhaps a warm up session.  Here are some thoughts.


Matt Warman (Boston and Skegness) reported the Lincolnshire project was £7m under expected spend,  while Neil Parish (Tivert

Audit Wales - The £40,000 subsidy appears!
5:08pm - 28/05/2015

Last week Oxera reported on UK state aid measure for Broadband.  The school report read  ‘effective …in very trying circ

UK Rural Broadband The Oxera Report and BT's missing £1 billion
1:09pm - 25/05/2015

The Oxera report on the UK’s broadband state aid measure was published on May 19th.  Due in January,  it

Ofcom and failing to establish a verifiable public record of UK NGA Investment.
10:57am - 02/04/2015

In February 2013, I made an initial response to Ofcom’s initial call for inputs on Financial Regulatory Reporting.  My objective then was to see whether the Financial Regulatory reporting regime could be used to establish a public record of BT’s commercial investment in NGA and the how the government monies of £1.7bn was to be recorded in BT’s accounts.  My goals were to increase transparency fo

Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, Shropshire. Its quest for fibre access!
1:18pm - 23/02/2015

This half-term my son dragged me up a short category 2 climb from Norton near Presteigne in Wales, across to Bucknell in Shropshire, and gently along to Chapel Lawn, to meet Patrick Cosgrove, a local broadband campaigner.  The latter was my idea to give my lungs a chance to recover.  Why can we not live here Dad?&nbsp

Rural Broadband, National Audit Office (NAO) find 38% excess costs in BT’s financial models. Broadband Delivery UK concedes it has yet to find the most economic price!
12:02pm - 11/02/2015

Updated with an introduction on 11/2/2015,  and further reason why the excess modelled cost are likely to grow, and a summary statement.

This is note is intended for those with an interest in the UK rural broadband programme,  particularly those interested in getting the most from the £1.7bn of public monies invested.  It does not que

Where Broadband half-truths cost rural customers and shareholders!
1:12pm - 22/09/2014

The UK Government sponsored rural fibre rollout is gathering pace.  These past two weeks have seen the new head of BDUK provide a mini-interview to ISP Review, , and a BT written article

UK Connectivity. Are we creating or losing the opportunity for a national competitive advantage?
2:29pm - 03/06/2014

It has been an interesting couple of years in the UK Broadband industry.  BT has completed its commercial rollout of fibre to the cabinet some twenty plus months ahead of schedule and at cost ‘comfortably’ less than the £2.

Ripped Off versus Value for Money
12:11pm - 28/09/2013

I have put my interview notes with the BBC Today programme used to support the announcement of the Public Accounts Committee on the download page.


It is good that the Public Accounts Committee have placed on record that Value For Money has not been secured by the BDUK Framewor

Mystified, BT ’s idea of a concession comes in the form of more costs.
11:37am - 22/07/2013

The Public Accounts Committee meeting on the 17th July to review the findings of the National Audit Office (NAO) findings on the rural broadband programme was very painful to watch.  Even Orwell and Kafka would have felt outdone by the BT double speak.

My posting n

Contingencies galore! Post no 4 on the NAO report on rural Broadband
6:04pm - 11/07/2013

This is the final of 4 postings discussing the findings of the National Audit Office report on the UK’s rural Broadband programme published July 5th 2013.

The first post summarises the NAO findings on why Value for Money had not been confirmed. In essence BT only supplied enough cost data to score 8 out of 20 in a BDUK scoring on

NAO findings on rural Broadband Blog number 3 – The Subsidy for a Cabinet/Path. Submitted for peer review.
6:22am - 10/07/2013

NAO findings on rural Broadband Blog number 3 – The Subsidy for a Cabinet/Path.   Submitted for peer review.

This is post number three of four about the National Audit Office report on rural broadband published on July 5th 2013.

BT’s offer of £1bn investment in rural connectivity is much diminished.
7:57am - 09/07/2013

This is blog is number two of four on the details of the much welcomed National Audit Office report on the £1.2bn rural broadband programme.  These are meant to assist those wishing to increase their understanding of the costs of the NGA rollout programme, so the public monies can be used to achieve the best outcome for all rural users.  Thi

The Bit Commons’ reaction to the National Audit Office report on the UK’s rural broadband programme.
12:01am - 05/07/2013

NAO reveals BT’s rural ransom demand to the Government

The Bit Commons welcomes the publication of the National Audit Office report on the UK’s rural broadband programme. 

The Departme

Ofcom: ‘ If you want more FTTP (H) in the UK do tell us before December 20th!’
4:45pm - 23/11/2012

Ofcom’s  Wholesale Line Access (WLA) market review and Wholesale Broadband Access (WBA) Review were published on November 9th,  with a call for information by December 20th.  This is to inform decisions from 2014 to 2017 on the costs of BT regulated access products and any developments in SLU and

Towards a UK Plan for a fibre access switchover programme.
3:37pm - 26/10/2012

The following is a contribution to UK infrastructure investment and is meant to add to the proposals being progressed by the Fibre to the Home Council.

Step 1. The importance of a plan – any plan.

The absence of a UK fibre access swi