The Bit Commons Download Page

This submission to Ofcom on the Business Communications market outlines some developing think on how we can solve the connectivity issues for those more than 1km from a VDSL cabinet.  Download here.

This download was in response to BDUK's urban Broadband Fund and copied to UK cities putting the case for an FTTP transition plan.  Download.

The Bit Commons responded to Ofcom's consultation on the market review for Wholesale Line Access and Wholesale Broadband Access begun in November 2012. The outcome of these reviews will impact upon UK NGA investment in a profound way.  The Bit Commons  response makes the case for additional provisions to support FTTP,  specifically support for new product definitions in support of the ambitions of the UK's super-connected cities.  Download here.



BBC Interview notes supporting the release of the Public Accounts Committee report on Rural Broadband in Sept 2013. Download.

The FTTC Cost estimator is an excel spreadsheet which allows local authorities,  devolved administrations and communities to understand how much of their state aid budget might be spent on this access solution and how much is then left to tackle the more difficult areas and more expensive solutions like FTTP.  Download.


A presentation has been added itemising the best estimates for component costs. Download from here.

This paper was submitted to Ofcom,  EFRA and PAC as a plea for enhanced measures to assist Government and communities in achieveing value for money.